20+ Pictures that Prove Shake Shack is Perfection

Because images speak louder than words (and yes, actions too, I know); this is why you should go to Shake Shack in New York (or basically anywhere when you have the chance). Simple as that.


Don’t cut the calories and just get those cheesefries already. It’s worth the foodbaby. Drinkwise you should go for a Fifty/Fifty; a superrefreshing homemade lemonade and iced tea mix. And last but not least: Doglovers, attention please! There’s special dogtreats (with hilarious names like Pooch-ini and Bag ‘O Bones) on the menu, so you can treat yoself AND your doggy.

Got hungry?

Check out the menu below and don’t forget to make sure where the nearest Shake Stop is…

the new york baby shake shack menu

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