7 Killer Parties for Your Amsterdam Halloween

YAS! It’s Halloween next Monday, so that means it’s Halloween weekend. Yay! Time to dust off those scary costumes and make-up tools that will make you look freaking haunting. But what’s a good costume without a great party to attend? Well, we’ve got you covered. Amsterdam Halloween is full of parties and here are the best:

Hitjesgolf Halloween Special

When? 28 October / Where? AIR

This one is promising. Remember standing in the club and the only thing you hear are monotonous beats without any trace of recognition? Well, that’s nog gonna happen during Hitjesgolf Halloween Special, because they’re promising non-stop-hits. YAS! Another bonus: delicious food by The Mealmakers.

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Cirque du Freak – ABC Amsterdam Special

When? 29 October / Where? Sugarfactory

A real cult classic among Amsterdam Halloween parties. This year Cirque du Freak is celebrating their 10 year anniversary, so be there or be square! Oh and dress up like never before, because there is – yes, ladies and gents – a serious Best Costume competition.

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Halloween – The Butcher

When? 29 October / Where? The Butcher

For a more exclusive event, you might wanna visit The Butcher, if you dare. They host a night full of bloody burgers and cocktails. Dressing scary is allowed, but always maintain a chic twist. So no tacky Harley Quinn or Slutty Cat costumes, please.

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Amsterdam Halloween 2016 – Superheroes

When? 29 October / Where? Westerunie

One of the bigger parties are to be found in the always entertaining Westerunie. The pretty sick line-up is a real trigger for this event. Prepare to stay up all night, since their doors do not close until 6AM. Oh, and did I mention the dresscode is only one of my (and many others) favorites? COME ON SUPERHEROES!

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When? 28 October / Where? Edel

With Edelwise you can never go wrong. Real die-hards know this is one of Amsterdam’s best after-work parties on a monthly basis. This month, of course, is totally Halloween themed. For a full night out with a well-fed belly, reserve on of the tables at the awesome Edel restaurant.

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Izakaya Surpreme Brunch

When? 30 October / Where? Izayaka

Looking for something more easygoing during your Amsterdam Halloween? Then you might want to consider a visit to Izakaya, a great Asian kitchen and bar at the infamous Albert Cuyp Market. Every Sunday they host their Supreme Brunch, with quality cocktails and live music. This time they’re taking it to the next level as it is Halloween.

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A Mokum Halloween Story: Nightmare on Elementen Street

When? 29 October / Where? Warehouse

This really is the mother of Amsterdam Halloween parties this year. If you’re getting bored then I assure you; the three floors of ass-kicking DJ’s will lift you up. There will also be a lot of things to please the eye: this year’s theme is 80s Classic Horror Flicks.

What are you waiting for?

Slay, Bitches XOXO
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