9 New York Infographics to Enlighten Your Sunday

If anything makes us happy, it’s easy to absorb fun facts about our favorite topic: NEW YORK. And let’s face it, you’re bored AF, so you could need some entertainment, right? The solution is here! 9 complete and, above all, handy New York infographics on some interesting subjects.

9 All-round New York Infographics

Let’s start of with the main concerns. Where is a girl gonna get her drink? Keep this map in mind when on a barcrawl …

New York Infographics - Business Insider

Finally, the truth about New York hoods. Got us giggling a little.

New York Infographics - BuzzFeed

Well hello famous ones! Now we know where to go lie around in the bushes with big ass DSLR’s.

New York Infographics - Celebs


Just some basics about NY.

New York Infographics - Helicopter Tours New York

Thinking about moving to New York? Think again! Or at least make a wise decision about it, with this convenient rental chart.

New York Infographics - Naked Apartment

Never go wrong again when talking about the hoods of New York. With this infographic you’ve got all that topo down like a pro. New York Infographics - Neighborhoods

This might be our favorite infographic about New York out there. No more hunting down the perfect food truck! They’re all here!New York Infographics - New York Food Trucks

This one comes in handy when you’re about to get your groupie on, since it holds (almost) all significant movie locations in New York. With this infograph you’re gonna be as ready as you ever will be when it comes to re-enacting all the classic movie scenes. We can already see ourselves popping some quaaludes on Wallstreet or struggling with society like Patrick Bateman did around Midtown in American Psycho.

New York Infographics - On the Set of New York

Let’s get down to business. A New York Infographics post could not be complete without some stats about pizza. So leggo!

New York Infographics - Best Pizza in New York

Sources: On The Set of New York / New York Magazine / Business Insider / Helicopter Tour New York / Naked Apartments / BuzzFeed / Thrillist


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