Movie Night: The Best Cinemas in New York

No party advice this weekend, because we know you clubbed it up too much the last few weeks, so what you really need is relaxation, comfortable armrests and a lot of Ryan Gosling. For this Sunday, we have listed some of the best cinemas in new york city for you in this handy top 10 cinema guide.

The awesomest and best cinemas in New York

If you’re looking for an awesome dinner-and-a-movie experience, than this is your go-to spot. The theater serves food and drinks matching to the playing picture. Think Martinis (shaken, not stirred) at any James Bond extravaganza  or lobster during, well yes, the Lobster. Also a big fan of their special events, such as their midnight or brunch screenings. So when it comes down to it, this is our top dog of the best cinemas in New York list.

For all the indiefans; move your ass to Lower Manhattan and get your arthouse on at Landmark Sunshine Cinema. The building in Lower Manhattan is sooo beautiful. But really, the colorful neon housefront alone gets us jumping up and down our (stadium-seating) chairs already. Not to mention the popcorn selection.

The Brooklyn Academy of Music is a definite go-to for film-lovers. The place is famous for its series (Korean Film Festival, French Film, you name it) and appearances of writers and directors. So if youré all about that background information, give BAM Rose Cinemas a try.

Sounds pretty serious, right? Well it is. If you’re a fan of golden oldies and cultclassics then you’d be stupid to miss out on this joint! Make sure you do not eat heavily beforehand, because the seating is very tight.

For some weird reason this movie theater never has queues, so if you’re looking for a place to enjoy a blockbuster in piece, you should head to Battery Park quickly. We know you want it. You also want a nextdoor Shake Shack dinner to go with your movie.

Feeling une petit peux Francais and high class? Then the Paris Theatre will be right up your ally. Perfect for a bon soirée with your newly found date.

AMC Loews is known for its luxurious movie experience, so if you’re looking for comfort whilst watching the newest Chris Hemsworth, you’re in for a treat here.

This cinema and museum into one is perfect for those dark day rainy afternoons. When you’re here be prepared for independent movies, classics and a lot of culture.

Another great place to go sniff culture. Don’t go if you’re just expecting relaxation, popcorn and laying back. This place’s oeuvre can be very experimental. Thus, only for those real movie daredevils.

  • IFC Center @ 323 Avenue of the Americas, Manhattan

Great pick if you’re really serious about your movies. On Tuesday nights this place offers the Stranger Than Fiction series. This means screening of the best documentaries with appearances of the directors ans sometimes “cast”.


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