Cheese City: Best Grilled Cheese in NYC

As a Dutch girl, I love my cheeses. So, not a chance in the world I would let National Grilled Cheese Day go by quietly. Let’s celebrate with a list of some of the best places to get a decent grilled cheese in NYC.

So, Places Grilled Cheese in NYC
  • Murray’s Cheese Bar @ 264 Bleecker Street, Manhattan
    • Because it’s impossible to go wrong in a bar that’s stemmed from a friggin’ cheese gift shop. Get dazzled by the Murray’s Melt. It’s got a secret cheese blend and who does not love secrets that include cheese? Get ultrafat by adding some Nueske’s bacon for a couple of bucks. Not feeling the mysterious vibe here? The Tallegio Sandwich is recommended as well.
  • Dépanneur @ 242 Wythe Avenue, Brooklyn
    • Thrillist spoiled Dépanneur’s best kept secret, which means you can now go there on Saturday morning (when you’re hungover or  while still druk) , order the Hangover Cure and act all Dépanneur-connoisseur.
  • Pies-n-Thighs @ 166 South 4th Street, Brooklyn or 43 Canal Street, Manhattan
    • Go all American with a plain Grilled Cheese (with FRIES).
  • Eisenberg’s Sandwich Shop @ 174 5th Avenue, Manhattan
    • Famous for their fatty foods. Or, as they say it themselves: “Raising New York’s cholesterol since 1929”. One look at the menu confirms this is the perfect place to get a grilled cheese or, in other words, start your heart-attack party.

Grilled Cheese in NYC - Eisenbergs

  • Fritzl’s Lunchbox @ 173 Irving Avenue, Brooklyn
    • Their grilled cheese has some delicious Swiss and some good old Cheddar. And also: TOMATO JAM!
  • Lucy’s Whey @ 1417 Lexington Avenue, Manhattan
    • Another Cheese-Shop-turns-into-restaurant story. The fig lover in me would recommend Lucy’s Favorite Grilled Cheese, but the Half Grilled Cheese and Soup sounds delicious as well. Since you obviously want the whole thing, when you place your order, keep in mind it IS half.
  • The Queens Kickshaw @ 40-17 Broadway, Astoria, Queens
    • You should take the Gouda! Take the GOUDA! It’s Dutch and it has guave jam! WOAH!

Grilled Cheese in NYC - The Queens Kickshaw

  • Melt Kraft with locations in Brooklyn, Greenwich Village and Midtown (Columbus Circle coming soon!)
    • This grilled cheese giant should not be overlooked when considering to go eat a grilled cheese in NYC, because mac ‘n cheese and beef brisket all in ONE sandwich will be an unforgettable experience. I promise. Bonus: all grilled cheeses are served with Kettle Brand chips.
  • Little Muenster @ 225 Liberty Street, Brooklyn
    • I could go on and on, but the main reason to visit Little Muenster, is the HUGE variety of add-ons they offer for your grilled cheese (gotta catch ’em all!). Pssst: They also have a tiny take out in Dumbo (145 Front Street).
  • Gorilla Cheese NYC @ Wherever the wind takes ’em.
    • Yes, Gorilla Cheese is a food truck concept. Find out where they are on Twitter, and get that sandwich for Christs sake.
  • Earl’s Beer and Cheese @ 1259 Park Avenue, Manhattan
    • No more wine and cheese for you, my friend. At this spot you will and you shall take a beer to go along with your cheeses. Do I recommend any sandwich in particular? Not really, because I’d trust a man named Earl anytime when it comes to making my grilled cheese. But if I must, I suggest you take the Gorgonzola Grilled Cheese with ginger fig preserve.
  • Morris Sandwich Shop @ 569 Lincoln Place, Brooklyn
    • When a place offers you the chance to get a Delicate Grilled Cheese, you should take it. Except for when you’re not a truffle lover. Then don’t. Unfortunately, the shop is closed for a little while now, but their food truck will do the trick as well.
Grilled Cheese in NYC - Morris Food Truck
Morris’ Food Truck
  • Melt Shop @ 55 West 26th Street / 135 West 50th Street / 111 Fulton Street / 877 8th Avenue
    • When a place offers you the chance to get a burger in a grilled cheese, you should take it. Except for when you’re not a burger lo… HAHA! Who am I kidding? Take it! TAKE THE BURGER MELT!
  • The Wheelhouse @ 165 Wilson Avenue, Brooklyn
    • In case you’re someone who likes his freedom, you should defo take The Wheelhouse into consideration. This place lets you build you own grilled cheese, and what’s better than that?
  • The Pullman Kitchen @ 959 2nd Avenue, Manhattan
    • Go beastmode with their self-proclaimed grilled cheese monster. If I were you I would them the benefit of the doubt, because: fried chicken, bacon, ham with melted pepperjack and cheddar, tomatoes, spicy cherry peppers, maple syrup drizzled cornbread waffles, grilled sourdough, a pile of waffle fries and house pickles. Fun fact: if you finish the Beast, you will feel like you’ve been there, you’ve done that and you’ve got the t-shirt. Fun fact 2: you will actually get the t-shirt.

Grilled Cheese in NYC - Pullman Kitchen Beast

Enjoy, you little fatties!



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