Best New York Work Out: Sweat That!

All those noodles, burgers and brunches need to be burned hard to keep up that Beyoncé butt, gals (or fellas)! What better time to orientate on what’s rocking (work out wise) than World Health Day (yes, that exists and yes, it’s today)?! Here’s where to have the sweatiest, girliest, funniest, coolest, hardest, cutest, sexiest or simply the best (better than all the rest) New York work out.

Best New York work out selection
  • Go deep @ Willkommen Deep House Yoga (54 North 11th Street, Brooklyn)
    • Combine ultimate inner peace and that unforgettable club experience into one. Verboten makes the impossible possible on Monday and Tuesday nights, with yoga classes guided by deep house music (I see how those often to be heard raindrops can have a relaxing outcome on the body and mind).

New York Work Out - Willkommen Deep House Yoga

  • Go high @ Studio in the Sky (1395 Lexinton Avenue, Manhattan)
    • What better place than a sky high studio to learn about the basics of gymnastics?! Balance your ass off, ladies!
  • Go drunk @ the Cobra Club (6 Wyckoff Ave, Brooklyn)
    • Honor the rocker inside of you and take a Metal Yoga class. I advise you to order a drink at the bar in advance, because that is NOT considered a luxury good when pursuing something like this.
  • Go jump @ Jumplife (406 Broadway, Manhattan)
    • I’m not talking jumping jacks (whoever says they like them is a tiny skinny liar). NO! I’m talking TRAMPOLINES! Unleash your inner child(beast) and get jumping! If you want to go hardcore I suggest the fusion class, which incorporates all the kinds of exercise (yoga, pilates, resistance, relaxation). If you just wanna have fun, you should take the Jump Dance class (disco beats and disco lights, YAS!). TIP: Check out Groupon for some good deals and save up to 61 dollar bills ya’ll.

New York Work Out - Jumplife

  • Go all day @ 24 hour fitness (several locations)
    • At first you’d think: “Why the f*ck would anyone go workout after dusk or before dawn?”. Then you might think (like I did) things like: “Well, it could come in handy for those with a terror work-schedule.” or “This could be the solution to my motiviation issues during regular gym opening hours” (aside of the fact that who you are kidding). That’s why 24 hour fitness, with its unlimited opening hours, is perfect. To be found around Midtown, SoHo and Madison Square Garden.
  • Go slow @ Living Room Brooklyn (336 Grand Street, Brooklyn)
    • JUST KIDDING! No going slow at the Living Rooms pilates class which is called (could NOT be more thrilled) ‘Not Your Momma’s Pilates’. Just like you’d expect in a mom-free pilates zone, it will be intense.
  • Go outside @ Yo Yoga (344 East 59th Street, Manhattan)
    • You could be taking a run somewhere green or some other traffic-light-less place but: HELLO PRIVATE ROOFTOP YOGA! They consider themselves unpretentious and non-judgemental, so I’d say let’s give it a go.

New York Work Out - Yo Yoga

  • Go sexy @ Foxy Fitness and Pole (355 7th Avenue, Manhattan)
    • I would even go there to just be able to answer the “Where do you work out?” question with a nonchalant “Oh hey, you know, at Foxy Fitness”. But there’s more. Pole dancing is a supereffective way to gain muscle strength, flexibility and stamina.
  • Go wet @ Cityrow (80 5th Avenue, Manhattan)
    • Getting wet without water that is. Cityrow offers classes which ensure to turn out in a sweaty mess (in a good way! in a good way!).
  • Go hard @ Tone House (20 East 17th Street, Manhattan)
    • Listed as hardest New York work out on a loooot of websites, so I’m scared. If you’re clapping your hands and wagging your tail just hearing about this, I suggest you take the plunge.
  • Go surf @ Surfset (64 East 4th Street, Manhattan)
    • Travelling all the way to the West Coast just for a little bit of surfing is a lot of effort. For a quick fix, Surfset is your man! Also great for learning them techniques to make sure the dollars spent on your surf vacay are worth it. Also: outdoor classes!

New York Work Out - Surfset NYC

  • Go naked (yes) @ Bold & Naked (163 West 23rd Street, Manhattan)
    • Yoga classes for the free-spirited, rebellious or dare deviled ones among us. Throw them clothes on the (probably sweaty) floor and stretch it all out! Pro: You kinda already took the sauna afterwards. TIMESAVER!
  • Go hoop @ Groovehoops (344 East 14th Street, Manhattan)
    • Get that waist toned down by taking a hoop class at Groovehoops. Fun guaranteed!
  • Go swing @ Trapeze School of New York (353 West Street, Manhattan)
    • Fly around like a princess, while working EVERY. SINGLE. PART. of your body, with the classes of TSNY. Also great for daytime bachelorette-party activities and birthday surprises. Do not let their glittery website fool you.

New York Work Out - Trapeze School New York

Sport Suit Up for Your New York Work Out

One needs pretty gym wear to cover up the fact that you (r ass is) are sweating like a pig. Sweaty Betty understands and lets you buy these work out beauts.

Juice Up after Your New York Work Out

After losing 10 pounds of sweat you should hydrate (and you know it!). Leave that soda for what it is and go for one of these awesome and superhealthy juices.

Good luck with choosing your perfect work out and be bootylicious, bae!

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