Best NYC Spots for Street Art

So here’s all about the finest pieces around the City and where to find them…

Bushwick / Williamsburg

Brooklyn is one of the coolest kids in town when it comes to graffiti and street art. That might be no news to you, but that doesn’t mean you should skip the brilliant pieces out there. Make sure you don’t miss The Bushwick Collective (Troutman Street @ Saint Nicholas Avenue). For a little bit of a sneak peak, visit The Bushwick Collective on Instagram.

Cool pieces in Brooklyn:

Astoria, Queens

Astoria is famous for it’s beautiful graffiti, so if you’re a lover, make sure you don’t skip the streets of Queens during your graffiti hunt. The Wellington Court Mural Project is one of the many treasures Astoria has to offer.

the new york baby - brooklyn

Elsewhere in the City

Brooklyn and Queens are not the only boroughs you can enjoy some fine street art. Be on the outlook like everywhere if you don’t want to miss out. Favorites all over the city:

These pieces are to be found on and around (respectively) Mott Street / Manhattan Bridge / La Fayette Street / East Village / East 173rd Street @ West Farms Road, the Bronx / Broome Street / Bowery & Broome Street / Bowery Street / East Houston @ Bowery Street / Bleecker Street.

In the spotlights

100 Gates Project // Awesome project in the Lower East Side area. Gates of shops, restaurants, bars, etc. drenched in graffitimagic.

the new york baby - 100 gates project extra butter ny

Personal Gems

Street art pieces I encountered during my own stay in New York and found very appealing (warning: appealing doesn’t mean original, so you might have seen these babies before)

These pieces are to be found on and around (respectively) Broadway / Harlem / The High Line / The High Line / Chelsea Market.

Street Art Tours

Don’t feel like setting up your own graffiti tour? Check out the following websites for the best street art tours around:

Free Tours By Foot / Saddleshoe Tours / Street Art Walk / Graff Tours / Levi’s Unique NY

Sources: Time Out / CN Traveler /

The majority of the awesome photography is provided by @thestreetsofnyc. Don’t forget to follow on Instagram!


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