Brooklyn Beers

Ya’ll know Brooklyn is the place to be when it comes to beers. Usually the Golden Ones are particularly good in summer, but I want to point out the awesomeness of beer in winter too. Nothing more suiting than a (for example) Indian Pale Ale after a cold, long week of hard work. Here are the best places in Brooklyn to get one of those bastards TONIGHT! (according to, that is, so you can’t blame me for any severe hangovers).

torst nyc

  • Spuyten Duyvil // Very proud to present this bar with many beer from all over the world. They even sell the favorite beers from my hometown (Amsterdam). So you should definitely get a beer from the brouwerij het IJ brewery. Ask for a Zatte, a Natte, or a Columbus.
  • Barcade // Could the name of this bar be more hipster? I am willing to forgive though, because this bar combines two of the best activities ever: beer drinking and (or while) playing arcade machines.

barcade brooklyn

  • Other Half Brewing Co. // I like the fact that they have a rotating tap list. Wanna make sure they got something you please? You can check out what they are currently serving at I also saw some names amongst the brews that seem to be from Dutch decent. So proud momma over here again 🙂

other half brewing boys

  • Threes Brewing // I’m loving the fact that they have a very large selection of draft beers, because, as you maybe know, the Dutch aren’t that fond of bottled beer.

Threes Brewing NY




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