Burger City: The Ultimate Burger Guide to New York

Well, hello you burger lover! Want a burger, but don’t know where to go? The New York Baby to the rescue! Here’s a list of the best meaty, veggie, cheapy burger around town.

Just a normal, greasy burger please!
  • Five Napkin Burger
    • Must-try // Original 5 Napkin Burger.
    • OMG! Where is it? // Actually, 5 Napkin Burger is represented in 4 New York Areas (Hell’s Kitchen, Union Square, Upper East Side & Upper West Side). Find out here where to go exactly.
  • Burger Joint
    • Must-try // Cheeseburger with “All the Works”.
    • OMG! Where is it? // Go to Le Parker Meridien on 119 West 56th St, work your way in and go on the lookout for a crappy burger sign. There it is! Not want this incredible experience? There’s also a less hidden Burger Joint in Greenwich Village @ 33 West 8th St.
  • Rare Bar & Grill
    • Must-try // M&M Burger (Apple Smoked Bacon!)
    • OMG! Where is it? // You can choose between the one in Murray Hill on 303 Lexington Ave, or the one in Chelsea on 152 West 26th Street inside the Hilton Hotel.

The New York Baby - Rare Bar & Grill










  • STK
    • Must-try // They’re famous for their Sliders.
    • OMG! Where is it? // 26 Little West 12th St, Manhattan.
  • Minetta Tavern
    • Must-try // Everyone’s talking ’bout the Black Label Burger.
    • OMG! Where is it? // It’s on 113 Macdougal St, Manhattan.
  • Dumont Burger
    • Must-try // Their signature Turkey Burger.
    • OMG! Where is it? // You can find these delicious burgers on 314 Bedford Ave in Hipstertown, Brooklyn.
  • Bill’s Bar and Burger
    • Must-try // Bill’s Burger, ofcourse.
    • OMG! Where is it? // There’s several locations of the joint, but how cute does this one right in the middle of Rockefeller Center (16 West 51st Street @ 5th Ave) look?

The New York Baby - Bills Bar and Burger Rockefeller Center










  • Pork Slope
    • Must-try // Cheeseburger
    • OMG! Where is it? // It might come as a surprise to you, but this restaurant is in Park Slope, Brooklyn. On 247 5th Ave to be precisely.
  • Maialino
    • Must-try // Late-Night Burger
    • OMG! Where is it? // Go to 2 Lexington Ave, Manhattan.
  • Five Guys Burgers and Fries
    • Must-try // Bacon Cheese Burger (or have all of the mini burgers).
    • OMG! Where is it? // Well, they’re literally taking over the world, so the store finder might come in handy here.
The New York Baby - Five Guys Burgers and Fries
This world domination, I can kinda see why…
  • Red Cat
    • Must-try // Dirty Burger
    • OMG! Where is it? // Right at the High Line on 227 10th Ave, Manhattan.
  • Mile End
    • Must-try // Smoked Meat Burger
    • OMG! Where is it? // Travel to Boerum Hill (97 Hoyt St, Brooklyn) or Noho (53 Bond St, Manhattan).

TIP! Take notice that some of the burger places will not take cards. Make sure you always have a few bucks in your pocket.

ATTENTION to all veggies!

Not eating meat doesn’t mean not eating (or loving, in fact) burgers! Luckily, New York offers a lot of animalproof burgers.

The New York Baby - Bareburger Guadalupe
The ‘Guadalupe’ in all its delicious glory.
  • Harlem Shake
    • Best veggieburger // Veggie Burger with Cheese
    • Take me there! // Head to Harlem to 100 W 124th St, Manhattan.
  • Blossom
    • Best veggieburger // Soy Bacon Cheeseburger
    • Take me there! // Choose between Blossom Restaurant (187 9th Ave), Blossom on Columbus Circle (507 Columbus Ave) and Blossom on Carmine (41-43 Carmine St).
  • by CHLOE
    • Best veggieburger // The Guac Burger
    • Take me there! // It’s in the Village on 185 Bleecker St.
The New York Baby - By Chloe
Vegan Heaven…
  • Cinnamon Snail
    • Best veggieburger // Beastmode Burger Deluxe
    • Take me there! // It’s a truck, but you can check their Facebook, Twitter or Insta for more info on upcoming locations.
  • The Organic Grill
    • Best veggieburger // Green Machine Burger
    • Take me there! // OK, go to 123 1st Avenue, Manhattan.
  • Nüburger @ Smorgasburg
    • Best veggieburger // Nüburger
    • Take me there! // @ Smorgasburg
  • Superiority Burger
    • Best veggieburger // Superiority Burger
    • Take me there! // Head to East Village at 430 E 9th St.

El Cheapo

Not feeling like spending 20 bucks on a burger? I get that. Here’s some juicy burger suggestions for the ones without a limitless budget.

  • Corner Bistro
    • Cheap-ass treat // Bistro Burger
    • I want to go! // The Bistro Burger will wait for you patiently at 331 W 4th St. on the corner of Jane St.
    • Sets you back // $9,75
  • Shake Shack
    • Cheap-ass treat // Basically everything on the menu, but the Shack Burger is boss.
    • I want to go! // Shake Shack is also growing its empire, I suggest you go to the mother of them all though, right down Madison Square Park near Madison Ave & East 23rd St.
    • Sets you back // $8,09
    • EXTRA! // See with your own eyes, why Shake Shack is the best.

The New York Baby - Shake Shack


  • The Burger Garage
    • Cheap-ass treat // Double Cheeseburger, YASSSS!
    • I want to go! // You have to go a little out of your comfortzone (Brooklyn or Manhattan) with this one, but once you’ve reached Queens, you can find it on 25-36 Jackson Ave, Long Island City. Or order online if you ain’t got time for that!
    • Sets you back // $7,95
  • Petey’s Burger
    • Cheap-ass treat // TRIPLE! CHEESEBURGER!
    • I want to go! // Petey’s has two locations, but it seems Queens is the place to be if you’re searching for cheapo burgers.
    • Sets you back // $8,50 (or less if you don’t decide to go monstrous on a TRIPLE! CHEESEBURGER!)

For all the Europeans who are in need of a little bit of home; here are the best American burgers with a little hint of Europe.

  • The Breslin
    • The twist // Surprisingly enough, this English restaurant serves a delish burger with a Greek twist, the Chargrilled Lamb Burger with feta, cumin mayo, thrice cooked chips and of course, LAMB.
    • Get me there! // It’s on 16 W 29th St, Manhattan.
  • Maialino
    • The twist // The Late Night Burger has an Italian feel to it with all the pancetta en gorgonzola.
    • Get me there! // Go inside de Gramercy Park Hotel on 2 Lexington Ave.
The New York Baby - Maialino
Inside Maialino, NYC…









  • The Spotted Pig
    • The twist //  The twist is real with the French-like Chargrilled Burger with Roquefort Cheese and Shoestring Fries.
    • Get me there! // It’s in the always cosy West Village on 314 W 11th St.
    • Nice // Walk-in only, so that means you’re good if you did not plan ahead and are being all spontaneous.
  • Little Prince
    • The twist // Another Frenchie (Le Petit Prince, anyone?). The French Union Soup Burger contains gruyère, caramelized onions, dijon, hand-cut fries and garlic aioli. OUI OUI!
    • Get me there! // 199 Prince St. in SoHo. Where else?
  • Montmartre
    • The twist // You would expect another burger with a little hint of France in it, since the restaurant is named after a cool Paris hood, but no. The Raclette Burger (pickles, grilled onions, raclette cheese and remoulade) is from Swedish descent (or at least its name is).
    • Get me there! // Chelsea is always a good idea. You can find Montmartre @ 158 8th Ave.
The New York Baby - Montmartre NYC
Et voila, Montmartre’s Raclette Burger. NEED!
  • Nürnberger Bierhaus
    • The twist // Actually, it’s only the German name: the Nürn-burger. But it’s still good, and it’s still Euro.
    • OMG! Where is it? // You’re taking the ferry baby, ’cause this one’s on 817 Castleton Ave, Staten Island.

Top of the bill according to Time Out

Take a look at these top class burgers and never stop dreaming of ’em.


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