Cool Kid: Bing Bang NYC

I stumbled upon Bing Bang NYC while I was on a hunt for some awesome New York merchandise. I was so in awe with the stuff of this New York jewelry house, that I decided to dedicate a little bit of promo time to them. Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you, the finest pieces of Bing Bang NYC…

Pretty Earrings
Oh, and those rings…
Bing Bang NYC Swag Selection

If you not have fallen in love yet, then let me lead you the way. You thought the best part was already over? Think again! The most awesome items Bing Bang sells in my humble opinion, are in their slighty hidden swag selection. A big shout out is well deserved, since there’s not even one item that’s not on my wishlist from the moment of discovery. Funky items for which I am actually too old, but, like a very wise man (Peter Griffin) once said: WHO THE HELL CARES?!

Make sure to join and check out Bing Bang NYC on Facebook and Instagram.

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