Cut the Queue: on How to Be 1st in Line Almost Everywhere!

NY can be as bitchy as it is beautiful during the holidays. Sidewalks are more like Miami beaches on a hot summer day and don’t even get us started on the lines that are like EVERYwhere. But this wouldn’t be The New York Baby, if we didn’t have a solution.

  • Empire State Building // Visit ESB in the early morning or in the late evening to avoid crowds. Evening bonus: you will get to see all the sparkly lights the city has to offer.

empire state building view

  • Statue of Liberty // Crowdwise, visiting Lady Liberty is recommended after 1PM. Queues are especially short in January and February.

statue of liberty

  • Highline // The highline is the quietest from the late morning trough midday, since all the working crowds are not on it then. Visit the Highline in Fall or Winter for even less people. Winter bonus: treat your ears with The Gaits.
  • Metropolitan Museum of Art // The Met is less crowded on Mondays.
  • Museum of Modern Art: Visit MoMA in the morning (right after it opens) and don’t wait till the closing days of an exposition, because everyone else is gonna wanna have a last look at those temporary art pieces as well.
  • Macy’s // Macy’s opens @ 9AM and that’s one hour before most other shops open. So besides the fact that you buy yourself an extra hour of shopping (come on, who doesn’t want that), you will buy yourself some space.
  • 9/11 Memorial Museum // The museum handles timed entrance, so very long lines won’t be the case (hurray!), but it is advised to visit in the late afternoon or early evening for fewest crowds.

9/11 memorial

  • Central Park // Early weekday mornings or evenings will be the quietest. The part of Central Park you want to visit matters too. Great quiet sights are found North of 86th (Northern Woodlands / The Ravine / The Great Hill).
  • American Museum of National History // Avoid those screaming teenagers (schooltrips, ya know) in the last week of June or the last two weeks of September.
  • Broadway // See a show when it comes to no one elses mind to do so. Yes, we’re talking Mondays / Read more about our first show experience.


  • Grand Central Station // A little obvious, but Grand Central is best visited during midday, avoiding the sick rush hours in the morning or early evening.

grand Central

General Tips
  • Winter Time // There’s always tourists and other crowds in New York, but in general, in wintertime (especially January through February) you will have the streets to yourself. When we visited New York in late January, we literally did not have to wait to get on the observation deck of the Empire State Building. So, being a little bit frozen DOES pay off.
  • Buy tickets online // For example Top of the Rock, 9/11 Memorial Museum, American Museum of National History, MoMA and the Met offer such services. Often, a ticket bought online, gets you in a speed lane or something fancy like that.
  • Museums // A general tip for visiting museums, is to go at dinnertime on a weekday (when everyone else is eating, duh).
  • Skyline and outdoor attractions // From 12PM till 16PM skyline and outdoor attractions tend to be less crowded than they are at other hours.

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