Amsterdam Munchies: De Hoftuin

Are you in Amsterdam and did you ran out of ideas of where to grab some good food? Please, do not fear. Whether you’re a local or a tourist trying to see more of Amsterdam’s finest hidden treasures, De Hoftuin is always a good idea.

Why you should visit de Hoftuin

Actually, I am pretty reluctant about revealing one of my favorite lunch spots in the city. Why? Because it’s pretty damn hard to find great ambiance and food, without being surrounded by a shitload of touristy backpacks and camera’s that seem way too expensive for the people carrying them. But, since my mother always taught me sharing is caring, I decided to respect her views on life.

Just a delicious fake chicken ‘wich.

De Hoftuin is one of the cutest and quietest spots in Amsterdam. You really wouldn’t know you’re just a few steps removed from the ever busy Weesperstraat. It’s really the quick city getaway you were longing for. I must say, their menu does not have too many items, but hey, who am I to rage about that. Too many options make us restless anyway. AND, everything on the list is healthy, organic or home-made. The combination of simple, good food and the almost romantic surroundings, make de Hoftuin a perfect place for your sunny Sunday lunch.

Their menu does not have too many items, but having to make choices makes us restless anyway.

Food suggestion: Go for one of Mama’s Boterhammen (Mommy’s Sandwiches), preferably the one with hummus of red beets.

For the tourists: Combine your lovely lunch with a visit to the Hermitage, which is just a few yards away.






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