Festival Fever: Holi NYC

All those stupid omg-we-are-having-the-best-time-ever-at-coachella selfies floating on the interwebz got me jealous and angry and feeling all the bad feels. Luckily, Coachella is not the world and luckily, Coachella means the festival season is about to start, so we are about to party hard! What better way than to celebrate this joyous party-season-kick-off with a colorful festival in the City, right?! Time to dust off those festival boots, do some sit ups so you can rock the perfect crop top and plan an afternoon of flower-picking, so you’re gonna be a guaranteed flower crowned Queen (yes, that’s right, capital q). Get ready for the Festival of Colors: Holi NYC.

Why Holi NYC is the perfect season starter

You have been waiting a long time, that’s for sure. So why not treat yourself to this little (literal) colorbomb? Lots of music ofcourse, but also lots of artsyfartsy sh and (I’ll tell you) lots of sun. Bonus! You will go home like this (oh, how blissful that home bound subway ride will be):

For more impressions, visit Holi’s Insta or Facebook, you Sherlock.

Why you will be going home like rainbow colored cotton candy?

Simple. People will be throwing a shitload of colored powder on you. For a very pretty reason, though. Holi Phagwa is the Hindu festival of colors. It celebrates all good things, like spring, unity and joy. The tradition is to throw Holi Gulal (the powder) at one another. During the festival, it’s all about loosening the strictness of social structures like sex, age, status and caste. Sounds pretty awesome now, doesn’t it?

Buy your tickets now!

The early bird tickets are already sold out, but normal tickets for Holi NYC are still available at this website from $25.

See you in 3 days!

Holi NYC

Sources: Festival of Colors


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