Awesome Spots for French Fries in New York

On this heavenly day, there’s only one very delicious and easy thing to do. Which is: hit up an awesome bar for French Fries in New York and do nothing but eat. HELLO FRENCH FRY DAY!

The best french fries in New York are to be found here:

Can we hear it for the Thrice Cooked Chips, please? Maybe alongside a fingerlicking lambburger?

French Fries in New York - The Breslin

Seafood lovers behold, for here are the best Moules Frites in town! If you don’t take this you’re a barbarian unless you go with the Steak Frites, we tolerate that.

  • Joju // 83-25 Broadway, Long Island

Any fry lover should at least try this place once in a lifetime. Order the Joju Bánh Mì Fries for loads of deliciousness and loads of ingredients and loads of sauces like the special house sauce (daring), mild spicy mayo (I really never quite got this term though), spicy green sauce (sounds more like it), pickled daikon and carrots, chopped cilantro and jalapenos. CARAMBA!

You might not expect the best french fries in a place as Oriental as King Noodle. As an Asian addict though, you defo should be trying the Mapo Chili Tofu Fries. A little chili spice, a little tofu sweetness. What more could a girl ask for?

French Fries in New York

Poutine! You HAVE to hit up this joint is you want to cover all the different sports of fry-eating. I mean, what is REALLY left of French Fries when you take away the cheese and the gravy?!

As a true truffle lover, you just can’t ignore the Truffle Parm fries *dreams and drools*

Bye little fatties!

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