5 x Healthy Hotspots in New York to Cure Your Midweek Depression

So…You’re probably feeling like a saggy tit, since it’s only Wednesday and you still have two insanely long days of terror ahead of you. That, my friend, is called midweek depression and you know what they say, right? An apple a day keeps the (brain)doctor away! That’s why you need to get food at these healthy hotspots in New York ASAP (you’re damn right that’s in CAPS).

Healthy Hotspots in New York to Keep You Sane

HU gets totally back to basic. Thank God that’s not a white bread grilled cheese kinda way, but more in a paleo kinda way. Everything is unprocessed and clean. Must be good for the body AND the brain!

  • Chobani // 152 Prince Street, Manhattan

We couldn’t be more in love with their yogurts! If you though pistacchio and chocolate sounded good, then don’t even get us started on the fig and walnut option (if you were wondering, those count as ‘must-try’s). For the open-minded: they also have savory yogurts (think spinach and garlic dip or cucumber and olive oil)!

Pret is all about the natural food, so that must be good against any mental illnesses. A soup, a salad, a wrap? You can get it all! We’re also a big, big fan of this this called Pret Pots. Exactly, little pots of healthy stuff like fruit or avocado salad. And one of their organic coffees couldn’t hurt either to be honest.

  • Nourish // 95 Greenwich Avenue, Manhattan

So much health in this place, you’ll be depression-free just by looking at the menu. Try the Market Vegetable Frittata to be entirely sure! Bonus: You can get the coolest smoothie or juice ever alongside your green dish (I mean: Cold Killa or Tenacious E. Smoothie).

Carbs and creamcheese might not be your idea of healthy powerfood, but it sure as hell IS comfortfood, which is gonna make you happy, so eventually Black Seed just belongs in this list. Once you’ve tasted the bagel with whitefish salad, cream cheese and sweet cucumber, you wouldn’t dare to say otherwise.

Stay Sane! XOXO

Sources: Rens Kroes / Elle Eten / I Am A Foodie / Go With Indi

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