Hipster Proof Hotspots in Brooklyn

I know, I know, there’s this whole anti-hipster-revolution going on, but let’s be honest: those hipster hotspots are kinda fun sometimes. So let’s go to Brooklyn and explore all those hipster proof hotspots Brookyn has to offer you. I bet you’re already getting tired just thinking about it, since Williamsburg alone has like a 1,000 of these popular venues. I narrowed it down for you, so can fulfill your basic needs like eating, drinking and shopping.

Hipsters are known for eating enormous amounts of kale, quinoa and smashed avocado, but there’s more to a good hipster meal.

Eat like a hipster

Hipsters are known for eating enormous amounts of kale, quinoa and smashed avocado, but there’s more to a good hipster meal, let me tell you that. It’s not only about eating green, it’s also about the presentation and the ambiance of the restaurant.

On Bedford Avenue you will find Five Leaves which is great for enjoying a wonderful (and hip, never forget hip) breakfast. ‘2 eggs any style’, ‘brûléed grapefruit’ and ‘pulled chicken curry’ got my hipster heart going like cray cray.

If you’re looking to step up the game even more, than you might want to consider a visit to Lavender Lake. This restaurant has not too big of a menu, but everything on it, sounds downright delicious. I mean — Cheesy Corn Dog, Black Bean and Sweet Potato Pate, Grilled Asparagus Soup, Smoked Trout Linguini. On your cheat day, the Lavender Lake Bacon Burger might be heaven, though. Take a Magic Bullet with that and feel golden.

Last tip of the day is Frankies Spuntino. Perfect if you’re craving your share of Italian food. With lots of sandwiches, pastas and other Italian things too choose from, their menu is very back-to-your-roots, which alone is enough for making it one of Brooklyn’s hipster proof hotspots again.

Dress like a hipster

It’s a given that showing up in one of Brooklyn’s hipster proof hotspots without dressing accordingly is a big no-no. Wonder where all these hipsters get the gear they roll with?

Let’s start at Brooklyn Flea. This is of course your mecca for antiques, jewelry and vintage clothes. Do not worry of you’re getting hungry during your shopping spree: Brooklyn Flea also has LOTS of food vendors. Love it!

Second up is Beacons Closet. What a way to continue satisfy your vintage shopping urges. 1 hour is this joint and you’ll be walking out a hipster guaranteed. Big pro: They also have an online shop. Big pro 2: Their shoe collection! Love, love, love! Let me showcase some of Beacon’s finest.

Not so much of a bargain hunter and more of a quality gal? Try Bird. With designer brands like Acne Studios, Commes des Garcons and Isabel Marant, they make sure you’ll hit the streets like Pinterest wanted you to.

Drink I.P.A.’s in hipster proof hotspots

You haven’t lived the hipster life if you haven’t drank a hipster beer, which is also known as I.P.A. (Indian Pale Ale). I’ll skip the sophisticated breweries and just head over to some awesome drinking spots.

Bossa Nova Civic Club is not so much of a hipster palace, to be honest. Beards and moustaches are frowned upon, so isn’t this renewing vibe actually as much hipster as it can be? I mean, hipster stands for being ahead of your time, right? JK. They do have a doubtful amount of specialty beers on draft for a anti-hipster spot. Bossa Nova must be on the list though, because HOEGAARDEN, which is only the most delicious European white beer ever brewed in history of mankind. And yes, they serve it there.

Drinking beers and listen to Indie bands is a hipsters favorite activity. Union Pool seems to be the perfect place for that with its great line-up and food alike. I mean, a girl’s gotta eat whilst drinking beers at cool concerts.

Enough of the specialty beers? Then Weather Up should be your next stop. With their solid cocktail menu you can never go wrong. A strawberry daiquiri is always a good choice and I must say, a Toothless Grin also sounds very appealing in a strange way. Fancy more cocktails? Take a look at our exquisite cocktail bar selection right here.

So long Beardo’s

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