How to Slay New York Like a Local

Is it already your second or third or fourth time to New York? Chances are you don’t want to climb the ESB again and you’re up for New York in a more local way. Or do you just not want to be discovered as a tourist during your first trip? Good news for you, because here is how to cruise New York like a true local.

Eat and drink like a local
  • Eat good pizza // You just haven’t been to New York, if you haven’t had good pizza. So skip Domino’s and find a fingerlicking good streetcart (which you can find on, like, every block)
  • Eat cupcakes // You just haven’t been to New york, if you haven’t had a good cupcake. Do not withdraw yourself from any of those delish frostings.

magnolia bakery

  • Visit an urban winery // Be a little bit of a wino and go taste a few wines on a Sunday afternoon, because why not.

brooklyn winery

  • Have a Sunday brunch // If you ask a typical New Yorker what their plans are for next Sunday, it probably involves a lot of food. Go for a bottomless brunch (all-you-can-drink) if you’d like to wild.

by the hudson

  • Visit a food hall or event // The more food, the merrier. And what better local-like place to get food than a food hall or food event.

chelsea market

  • Eat in Brooklyn // Like we’ve mentioned before: Manhattan isn’t the only place in New York. Check out Williamsburg and Dumbo for great food as well.
Explore like a local
  • Wear good (closed) shoes // If you don’t, we’ll get back to the soles of your feet, when you strolled a day long through Manhattan
  • Leave Manhattan  // Like we already explained in the “Eat” section of this post (as if that’s not enough to persuade you) New York has so much more to offer than solely Manhattan. Go spread your wings, and fly to Brooklyn, Queens, the Bronx and yes, even Staten Island (taking the Staten Island Ferry and turning your way right back around just to see Lady Liberty doesn’t count my friend)
  • Free or cheap museums // There is a lot of art to drool at in New York, and it doesn’t have to be expensive. Several big shots have a donate, pay what you wish, or even free night.

brooklyn museum

  • Walk a bridge // Sounds like a pretty touristy thing to do, but we can assure you it isn’t. Even New York natives like to soak up the city on a high level from time to time.
    • Walkiewalkie: Williamsburg Bridge (takes you from the Lower East Side to Brooklyn Bridge) // Brooklyn Bridge (takes you from the Financial District to Dumbo //
  • See some street art // It’s literally all over the city, this street art, but the best neighborhoods for catching a fine piece are Harlem in Manhattan, Bushwick in Brooklyn and Astoria in Queens.
  • Go to Little Italy // No, we are not talking about the crowded tourist trap where all the “Italians” try to lure you in their “restaurants”. We talking about the real dealio in Belmont, the Bronx. Now go and get yourself that pastrami sandwich.
    • Italian it up at: Arthur Avenue Retail Market (2344 Arthur Avenue, the Bronx) // Calandra Cheese (2314 Arthur Avenue, the Bronx) // Madonia Brothers Bakery (2348 Arthur Avenue, the Bronx) //
  • Shop at the Lower East Side // Cause that’s where the real cute shops and boutiques are.
Travel like a local
  • Don’t take a cab // A taxi will take up tons of your time (because traffic EVERYWHERE) and, not unimportant, money. The subway will take you everywhere you want for a penny, once you’ve figured out the system (try downloading the Simple Subway app)
  • Don’t take a bus tour // Oh the horror. On a bus tour you are only gonna see the highlight-highlights. We recommend taking a bike (check out Citi Bike), or going by foot to get the most out of New York’s awesomeness
Behave like a local
  • Don’t take up the whole sidewalk // It’s just not nice.
  • Don’t cut in line // It’s just not nice.
  • Don’t block subway doors // It’s just not nice.
  • Don’t play loud music in the subway // It’s just not nice.
  • Do find your metrocard long before you’re gonna check out so everything goes fluent and things // It’s just nice.

Enjoy being in the city and feel like a true New Yorker!

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