Popsicle Party: Ice Cream in New York

Yes, we are enormous fans of any kind of ice cream. Yes, we do acknowledge it IS actually summertime. Yes, we are going hunting tomorrow for only the best of the best ice-cream-wise. Yes, we do celebrate Kanye Ice Cream Week. If you don’t know what this is, then you do not deserve to continue reading this post. Since this one hides all the premium ice cream in New York. Yes, that’s right: no explanation, just a period.

Genious ice cream in New York and where to get it

Jeni’s makes your trip down to Hell’s Kitchen all the way worthwhile, we promise. It’s almost like a legend at Gotham West Market and here is why: Jeni’s has it all. From “regular” (nothing regular ’bout it, G.) ice cream to frozen yoghurts to sorbets and oh yasss, ice cream sandwiches. Flavors like Candied Ginger, Churro, Brown Butter Almond Brittle and Pink Grapefruit Buttermilk have got our saliva like everywhere.

Ice Cream Emperor Ample Hills is all about the good stuff. One look at their menu and you’re sold. Luckily there are about 5 shops throughout the City, so there’s always an Ample Hill nearby to fulfill your icy needs.

  • Seamores // 390 Broome Street, Manhattan

Pretty unconventional place (unless you think fish and ice cream are some sort of associates) to expect a good piece of ice cream, but hey (like Peter Griffin would say): Who the hell cares? We only have two words for you: COCONUT MACADAMIA!

  • Seed + Mill // Chelsea Market (409 West 15th Street, Manhattan)

In a place all about sesame seeds, you might not expect ice cream. Once again it’s proven that best things come to you unexpected, this time by Seed + Mill’s awesome and not the less delicious goat milk ice cream.

We know, we know. A joint with ‘Burger’ in their name are probably best known for their, well, burgers. But please trust us and just go to Superiority burgers for some gelato or sorbet already. You will thank us later. (Flavors vary often, but we suggest to go take the chance and try your luck, it’s kinda the beauty of the game!)

  • Big Gay Ice Cream // Covers both West and East side @ 61 Grove Street and 125 East 7th Street

About the most hilarious place to get ice cream in New York. And since you’re asking: Yes, this is really a thing.This colourful ice cream hotspot will leave you smiling and satisfied all day. Tip: try the Salty Pimp or the Cococone.

Time to obey Kanye and his #kanyeicecreamweek, here’s where

We advise you to go at it with the more than rapper-worthy Young Metro Milkshake. Really wanna stick to the icecream? Step 1: Order two scoops, one Positive Vibes Pistachio, one Father Stracciatella My Hands Pt 1. Step 2: Top it off with the Pink Polo Pralines. Step 3: Instagram it and give us a mention @thenewyorkbaby and you might get featured!


Photo credits: Sweet Jesus 4 Life / Morgenstern’s / Superiority Burger / Ample Hills / Big Gay Ice Cream

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