6 Killer Cocktails to Pursue This Basic Tuesday

We just had Misery Monday, so no excuses, babe! The week isn’t even halfway through, which means the best thing you can do by now, is drink away your troubles and forget how long this week is actually still about to last. Alright, now I’ve convinced you (be honest) it’s time for questions like: “Where to drink?”, “Why to drink?”, and above all “What to drink?” The process of making choices is very time consuming and not the least stupid, so I did the hard and boring work for you. I narrowed it down to just 6 killer cocktails in New York City. Easy peasy, right? Now, get mortal!

Top of the Bill Killer Cocktails
  • Killer Cocktail #1 @ Attaboy (134 Eldridge Street, Manhattan): A cocktail that hides some sort of medicine in its name (which implies ofcourse your hangover will be non existant or cured, even) is defo the way to go. Penicillin, here we come!
  • Killer Cocktail #2 @ PDT aka Please Don’t Tell (113 Saint Marks Place, Manhattan): Bourbon, hamfat, bitters, maple syrup and an orange twist. Yes, you should try Beton’s Old Fashioned.

Killer Cocktails - Please Don't Tell New York

  • Killer Cocktail #3 @ Booker and Dax (207 2nd Avenue, Manhattan): A lot of hilarious choices for your average pun lover (The Struggler, CosBro etc). My favourite suggestion would be the Son of a Peach. You know, because Life’s a Peach as well.
  • Killer Cocktail #4 @ Trailer Park Lounge (271 West 23rd Street, Manhattan): Take a Lovers Concerto and be surprised (literally). Trailer Park Lounge’s corny website (with taglines like: “The place to meet your next ex.”) and ditto “background”music promises a very good time. What could go wrong?
Killer Cocktails - Trailer Park Lounge
This is an encouragement to send someone (preferably your grandma) a postcard whilst there…
  • Killer Cocktail #5 @ Pouring Ribbons (225 Avenue B, Manhattan): If you’re up for some adventure this regular Tuesday, then take a Gun Powder Empire. Lots of rum, lots of pepper.
  • Killer Cocktail #6 @ Slowly Shirley (121 West 10th Street, Manhattan): Plum Tuckered or a Village Bicycle. Can’t choose. Sorry, I know I promised I’d do the hard work. Unfortunately the choice between vodka and gin can (and should) never be made.

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