Little Italy: How to Spend Your Day Like a Boss

Pizza’s, spaghetti and old Italian people carrying huge pieces of sausage, whilst wearing blue caps and other homeland merchandise. That’s what Little Italy is all about right? WRONG (Ok, a little right)! There’s more, and you should exploreee. Kick off your Little Italy experience with this mini day guide.

Brunch in Little Italy

Ofcourse this guide is gonna include lots of food, because, well, that’s how the real O.G. Italians do. So you’d better start off the day with a good old brunch. Get visually and orally treated at Two Hands with the chocolate almond croissant as a starter and the ricotta toast for a “main”. You could also go for family-run Italian-American resto Rubirosa, but be prepared to make your own choices, because we’re not gonna help you with that, since there’s literally too much deliciousness on the menu. Or go way back at 1892 founded Ferrara and start strong with a breakfast pizza.

Culture in Little Italy

Sniffing culture in this hood is easy like a piece of meringue cake. Just take your poof out for a stroll on Mulberry Street and take in all the Italianness of it. Feel like digging deep? A visit to the Italian American Museum (also on Mulberry) might be worth it.

Shop in Little Italy

There’s a lot of cute shops, but we’ll skip that part because you really just need to head uptown to get lost in the real New York shopping Valhalla! Really, NoLIta is the keyword here. Here’s a few awesome shopping tips.

Eat in Little Italy

Like brunch, dinner has to be extravagant today. One of our suggestions for this feast is Puglia. You’re not gonna want to choose from this ridiculously large and mouthwatering menu, so just take the pre-fixed dinner menu already and be surprised. Another well choice would be Capri Ristorante. The seafood on their menu is FANTASTIC so don’t hesitate and go for the Grigliata di Pesce (shrimps, calamari, fish of the day and half a lobster, yay!).

Drink & Club in Little Italy

Close the festive circle by grabbing a drink at the Randolph (you should take a prayer for them still serving the Crimson & Clover) or Mulberry Project (also: great snacks and food to accompany your cocktails). Afterwards you go chill at the Happy Ending Lounge. No, it is not (but definitely WAS) what it sounds like.

Bonus Tip

Not quite done yet with Little Italy? Then make sure you visit the hood in September during San Gennaro Festival. Not gonna spoil the best bits, but if you’re down with Italian-American culture then this is a must-go-to!

Ciao bellas!

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