New York Brunch Master Guide: Easter Edition

It’s Easter ya’ll, so that means no inhibitions if it comes to stuffing yourself like a caveman on Sunday. I selected some fine New York brunch places for you to roll out of. Here’s where to get your eggs (and those bloody, bloody mary’s) this Easter.

New York Brunch in Brooklyn
  • Five Leaves
    • Why // Pretty place with some French menu inspiration. So going wrong is not a thing here.
    • What // A Blat Sandwich (do not forget the fried egg).
    • Where // 18 Bedford Ave in Greenpoint, Brooklyn.
  • Iris Café
    • Why // No pretends and a small but o so delicious menu.
    • What // The Chilaquiles sound like an Easter brunch it-dish.
    • Where // 20 Columbia Pl Willowtown, Brooklyn.
  • Nights & Weekends
    • Why // A must go-to when you love your comida mexicana.
    • What // To stay in the Easter theme, but still take it up a latino notch, I suggest the ‘Huevos Rancheros’.
    • Where // 1 Bedford Ave Greenpoint, Brooklyn.
  • Tilda
    • Why // The interior of Tilda is just gorgeous.
    • What // A normal Fried Egg will do.
    • Where // 930 Fulton Street, Brooklyn.
    • Bummer // They’re closed on Easter Sunday. So get your ass there on Monday. Bye F.
The New York Baby - Tilda
Told you…
  • M.O.B.
    • Why // Well, take what it’s famous for: a MOB.
    • What the hell is a MOB // It’s pizza-like boat-shaped doughy thing (they call it “flatbread”) with good ingredients on it. Sounds like a winner!
    • Where // 525 Atlantic Ave, Brooklyn.
  • Concord Hill
    • Why // Once you take a look at their menu and see their egg-options, you will go wild, I swear.
    • What // Two words: Loco Moco. Who wouldn’t be convinced if I said chorizo, avocado, sunny side up eggs and bacon gravy?
    • Where // 374 Graham Ave, Brooklyn.
  • Rabbithole
    • Why // A lot of egg on the menu, so this would make for the perfect New York brunch destination on Easter.
    • What // One of the French omelets. Want to stay on the safer side? Their eggs benedict are a very good run for your money.
    • Where // 352 Bedford Ave, Brooklyn.
  • The Four Horsemen
    • Why // Get whiteboy wasted when you finish your brunch, because it’s also a place for taking a drink or two.
    • What // Poached Eggs the Italian way with polenta en spinach.
    • Where // 295 Grand Street, Brooklyn.
The New York Baby - The Four Horsemen
A true feast…
  • Cafe Moto
    • What // House eggs! House eggs! House eggs!
    • Where // 394 Broadway, Brooklyn.
  • Chavela’s
    • Why // It’s time to add some spice to your lives, kids.
    • What // Huevos Ahogados (It’s like a Mexican benedict).
    • Where // 736 Franklin Ave, Brooklyn.
  • Alice’s Arbor
    • Why // All day breakfast ya’ll in this all American joint.
    • What // A lo-hot of egg-plates to choose from. Go for the Carolina Benedict. Just do it.
    • Where // 549 Classon Avenue, Brooklyn.
  • Milk Bar
    • Why // Again: all day breakfast ya’ll!
    • What // The Salmon Eggs got me drooling.
    • Where // 620 Vanderbilt Ave, Brooklyn.
New York Brunch in Manhattan
  • The Smile
    • Why // Just go for everything in their terrific Bakery section be indulged. Or be surprised and go for the brunch specials they serve every weekend.
    • What // 26 Bond Street, Manhattan.
  • Egg Shop
    • Why // Do I even have to explain why this spot should be yours this Sunday?
    • What // Nope, not gonna force my favorite egg-dish upon you. Take a look at their menu and choose for yourself. Bye!
    • Where // 151 Elizabeth Street, Manhattan.
  •  Dimes
    • What // Be a little healthy and take a bit of home made almond milk.
    • Where // 49 Canal Street, Manhattan.
    • And also // THEY HAVE A DELI.
  • The Fat Radish
    • Why // Any restaurant with the word ‘fat’ in it, is worth a visit.
    • What // Any time you get the chance to eat English breakfast, you should. So do.
    • Where // 17 Orchard St, Manhattan.
  • Jack’s Wife Freda
    • Why // It’s so colorful and sassy you’re gonna cry.
    • What // Please, take a Madame Freda. And – oh my god – fresh cantalaupe juice.
    • Where // You would expect all the jolliness to be in hipster Brooklyn, but NO. You can visit in Manhattan on 224 LaFayette Street or 50 Carmine Street.
    • And also // Make sure to check out the Jackstagram.
The New York Baby - Jack's Wife Freda Table
All that amazingness…
  • Prune
    • Why // Because you get a shot of beer alongside your bloody mary. Wowzers!
    • What // Fried oyster omelette. No. Doubt. About. It.
    • Where // 54 East 1st Street, Manhattan.
  • Casimir & Co
    • Why // The French influences.
    • What // The Baked Eggs Provencal will give you that Parisian feel with an Easter twist.
    • Where // 1022A Lexington Avenue, Manhattan. There’s also a location at the Lower East Side, but this one should be a little more quite.
  • Antibes Bistro
    • Why // Another cute place with French feels to it.
    • What // The Antibes Eggs. Duh.
    • Where // 112 Suffolk Street, Manhattan.
  • Maysville
    • Why // It’s a whiskey bar for crying out loud and Evan Williams Black Label is obligatory during brunch.
    • What // There’s a lot of goodness on the menu, so just take it all. If you must choose an Easter dish, then I suggest the Charcoal Grilled Flatbread (we know it’s just a fancy name for pizza) with jalapeno aioli, porchetta, fried eggs and sheep’s milk cheese.
    • Where // 17 West 26th Street, Manhattan.
  • Sadelle’s
    • Why // Because they are literally in every New York’s best of list on the planet.
    • What // Salmon Benedict.
    • Where // 463 West Broadway, Manhattan.
The New York Baby - Sadelle's
Bagel heaven
  • The Penrose
    • Why // Why not? They serve drinks until 4AM every day, so that shouldn’t stop you.
    • What // Chorizo Hash!
    • Where // 1590 2nd Avenue, Manhattan.
  •  The District
    • What // The egg menu is very varied, but I suggest you take ‘m like you would find them on any other Easters’ day: in the hole.
    • Where // 1679 3rd Avenue, Manhattan.
  • Back Forty West
    • What // Bagels and Smoked Fish (deviled egg salad included!)
    • Where // 70 Prince Street, Manhattan.
  • Harlem Tavern
    • What // DIY with the HT Omelet.
    • Where // 2153 Frederick Douglass Blvd @ 116th Street, Manhattan.
  • Miss Lily’s
    • Why // Cocktails to die for.
    • What // So, defo a cocktail. And also ‘Jamaican Rancheros’.
    • Where // 132 West Houston Street, Manhattan.
The New York Baby - Miss Lily's
I can’t even…
  • Dirt Candy
    • Why // They have something called a ‘Jealous Mary’ (which means it’s green) for Christs sake. Just go.
    • What // Layered Omelette.
    • Where // 86 Allen Street, Manhattan.
  • Quality Eats
    • Why // They walk-in friendly and ehm, well, just ridiculously good. They’re joining Sadelle’s on about every list.
    • What // Since Quality Meats (it’s their own pun, and don’t we all love a little bit of corniness) is famous for its good meat, I suggest the fried eggs with Bavette steak.
    • Where // 19 Greenwich Avenue, Manhattan.
  • High Street on Hudson
    • What // The Meatpacker (DAT NAME!) Ginger yoghurt for dessert (I call pistachios and cardamom honey)
    • Where // 637 Hudson Street, Manhattan.
  • La Pecora Bianca
    • Why // Bloody Mary Bar!
    • What // Bistecca con Uova. Another steak/egg dish.
    • Where // 1133 Broadway, Manhattan.
  • L’amico
    • What // Woodoven Baked Eggs.
    • Where // 849 Avenue of the Americas, Manhattan.
New York Brunch in Queens
  • Queen’s Comfort
    • Why // For starters the names of the dishes (disco fries & atomic fire balls for example) will make you cry (of happiness) and the ambiance is very Afro-American 80s. What’s not to love?
    • What // Breakfast Lasanga Benedict. Not sure what to expect with this one, but the ingredients sound on point (breakfast sausage, spinach, mozz, tomato, bacon, poached egg, hollandaise).
    • Where // 40-09 30 Ave. Astoria, Queens.
The New York Baby - Queens Comfort
Must be a 100 gates project gate…*in awe*
New York Brunch Nowhere

You can also decide to fuck all this Easter shit and go grab a doughnut at The Donut Pub, Leske’s Bakery or The Doughnut Plant.

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