New York Survival: How To Pack Your Suitcase (Summer Edition)

A girl’s biggest question on the how to pack issue when she’s about to go abroad, almost always involves words like “What?”, “How?”, “How much?” and “Why God? Why does this thing not close?”. The problems addressed here, I am gonna tackle for you with this one major lesson when it comes to packing for New York during summer, along with some cute musthaves to adorn your suitcases inside.

How To Pack Key Lesson: Less is More

You’ve probably heard the less is more rule at least a 1,000 times in your life. I know I am kinda stating the obvious, but you’d be surprised how often this golden oldie is ignored or even forgotten. But I’ll tell you now: You’re really gonna want to keep this one in mind. Why? Well, you should obey this ‘less is more’ commandment for your New York trip because it can be taken pretty literal. The lesser stuff your suitcase holds when you enter the city, the MORE stuff you’ll be able to take home (when you’re not planning on EVER leaving the City, then ignore everything ever said here). Convinced yet? Alright, let’s turn it around. Scroll down for all the pretty essentials you need to adorn your suitcase and get your ass packing!

What a NY Summer Suitcase Really Needs

Well, here it is: the promised droolworthy collage of wardrobe items no to be missed in a New York suitcase for a summer trip. Disclaimer: I just couldn’t resist adding some stuff no-one actually needs. Just like you will, once you start packing your bags.

Get the Look

Wondering where all this loveliness is coming from? Try scavenger hunting some of these adresses:

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