New York TV: Suits


As a late bloomer I discovered Suits just about two months ago. Yes, I heard of it before. And yes, I was too busy catching up on all the missed Pretty Little Liars episodes I had piling up in my Netflix-closet. I thought a good way to fill the black hole caused by no longer being afraid of the threats by A, was to go see a show that included some PLL elements. So what show is better for that than a show which stars several supporting actors in PLL (I’m talking Cece for example) and has a guest role for Spencer Hastings for crying out loud?

At first I thought Suits wouldn’t do it for me. Why? It seemed to me Suits was just another Law & Order like serious kinda show. Lucky for me, it turned out to be one of the funniest shows I’ve ever seen. Dynamic, flashy dialogs. Dito cinematography (including a great deal of Wall St./Financial District architecture). Lovely chemistry between the actors. Slick Harvey Specter. Cute and sometimes half-naked Mike Ross. And I hate to confess, but even stupid Luis stole my heart in some kind of way. I mean, come on, is there anyone who can stop looking at that peculiar face of his?

Well, in case you didn’t notice: we’ve got a new Netflix-winner over here. Let’s celebrate!


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