New York Weekend Guide: July 8th, 9th & 10th

New York Weekend Guide: 8th, 9th & 10th of July

Very proud to present TNYB’s first New York Weekend Guide. Where should you be strutting your stuff? Where should you dig up bargains? Where should you get utter wasted? Where should you sunbathe? And the most important of all: where should you BRUNCH? I know you’re hurrying your way into the weekend, so I’ll KISS.

Friday Night Shenanigans

Well, that’s all, folks. At least, for this week. I expect you to go all out and celebrate the end of this #girlboss week. There’s a lot of opportunities, so maybe you should just go to Lois (HELLO, wine on draft!). Another choice could be The Long Island Bar in Brooklyn. In here you could perfectly lose track of space and time, since this place and its drinks will give you the 50s feels. Or, go with a place that suits your mood best, like Death & Company (if you weren’t dead already, you sure will be tomorrow morning. Sorry, this is too easy).

New York Weekend Guide - The Long Island Bar

Saturday Morning Workout

I know it’s all hurting, but if you’re fully honest to yourself, you know you need to sweat out at least SOME of that alcohol. Try Circuit of Change Mind Body Bootcamp at Pier 46. Breathe in some fresh air and martial art it away!

Saturday Strutting

Refuel at the Urbanspace Vanderbilt with a good old empanada from La Sonrisa. If you’re not quite ready yet to digest that kind of deliciousness, just get ready for the day with a perfect coffee at Toby’s Estate.

Saturday Dinner

What better way to complement your omega 3 stock, than with some fish for dinner? So, TUNTUNTUN, you’re gonna eat ceviche. Where? At Cevich ofcourse, not in the least place because you can construct the whole thing just as you like.

Saturday Night, I Know the feeling is right

The only thing left for you (and your fat ceviche-belly) to do is go wild and party on rooftops! There’s a few choices you could pursue here. I’d suggest Refinery Rooftop, The Loopy Doopy (if you’re into looking at THE lady a lot) or PHD (as if you could leave this place with enough brain cells left to get one) at the Dream Hotel.

Sunday Brunch

With your hangover in mind, this is your ultimate list. EGGS ONLY!

Sunday Cultural Pretends

Let’s get real: you’ll need to be able to tell your co-workers something else then “Oh, you know, just stuffed my face and got trashed”, when they pop the “What did you do this weekend?” question. That’s why you need to spend at least two hours in a museum, a theater, or something of that sort. I suggest you go see Edgar Degas’ Strange New Beauties in MoMA and brag the crap out of it on Monday.

Sunday Screening

Always a good ending of the weekend: a lazy seat, some on-screen eye-candy, (sort of) a story and loaaads of popcorn. Look over here for the perfect cinema pick. Movie-tip: The Nice Guys. With evergreen Russel with a little of moustachy Ry on the side, you can’t go wrong.


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