Noodle City: New York Ramen Top 8

Get your New York Ramen game straight by owning all these top noodle levels. Go Play.

Best New York Ramen Places
  • Level 1: Bassanova 75 Mott Street, Manhattan
    • What // Go a little outside the Japanese box by ordering the Tondaki Wadashi Green Curry Ramen.
    • Pro // They are in like every ‘Best Ramen’ list on the internet ever made.
  • Level 2: Momofuku 171 1st Ave, Manhattan
    • What // Try their original: the Momofuku Ramen. The dish consists of the big three P’s: Pork belly, Pork shoulder and Poached egg.
    • Pro // Dessert are from Milk Bar. YASSSS!

New York Ramen - Momofuku Ramen NYC

  • Level 3: Ivan Ramen 25 Clinton Street, Manhattan
    • What // The Chicken Dan Dan offers you aromatic sesame oil, pickled garlic, egg yolk, wholewheat noodles and, oh yes, spiced chicken.
    • Pro // The menu has a LOT of noodle add-ons, which is a GOOD thing. Bok choy, nori… You name it, the have it.
    • In a hurry // Visit the small menu Slurp Shop on Gotham West Market (Hell’s Kitchen area) for a quick noodle fest.
  • Level 4: Mu Ramen 12-09 Jackson Ave, Long Island City
    • What // Why don’t you take the spicy miso, you little daredevil? I know you want to!
    • Pro // You pre-burn the calories you’re gonna earn later by slurping, because this bae’s in LIC.

New York Ramen - Mu Ramen

  • Level 5: Ippudo 65 4th Ave, Manhattan / 321 West 51st Street, Manhattan
    • What // If you likes your spices, take the Wasabi Shoyu Ramen. Full of veggies and, as the dish name suggests, wasabi. Aiaiai!
    • Pro // A very large menu, including well priced Japanese themed drinks (talking sake, gin and grapefruit juice p.e.)

New York Ramen - Ippudo New York

  • Level 6: Yuji Ramen 150 Ainslie Street, Brooklyn
    • What // Forget that Ramen and take what Yuji is famous for: the Mazemen (go for Bacon & Egg, please). Ok, if you must have Ramen, they have enough delicious options.
    • Pro // Everything looks so pretty! They have a pink menu on their website, COME ON!
  • Level 7: Ramen Lab 70 Kenmare Street, Manhattan
    • What // Yum yum, fishy fishy and chicky chicky with the Asari Tori Shio Ramen. Several sorts of clams and chicken go alongside a lot of Japanese named things I can’t remember but really sound gooood.
    • Pro // Weekly changing menu, so you will always be surprised.
  • Level 8: Ganso 25 Bond Street, Brooklyn
    • What // Who can say no to something called Triple Shrimp?
    • Pro // They’re also dominating BK with their sushi and yaki. Plus, they have daily changing menus, which you can check in advance on Facebook.

New York Ramen - Ganso Ramen

Game over

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