NYC Girl: Lena Dunham

Oh Lena,

Since Girls is ending tomorrow and I have been crying all week about it, I decided it was time to write down my real feelings towards you.

I thought my things of you in the past. They were not all pretty. But then that one night came. The BIG night. You were visiting your fans in Amsterdam at De Duif during an Uitgeverij Meulenhoff event and I hadn’t even read your book yet. I’ll admit I was a little curious, but I tried not to give in because of, you know, being a rebel. As a total Lena newbie, I felt a little out of order at the whole extravaganza. You seemed to be a popstar around here, because the event was completely sold out, as quickly as a Beyoncé concert. My friends got my name on the guest list. My “friends”.

I decided not to be a dick and to just go along with the whole circus. I tried to have an open mind about it. That went well, because I was intrigued by your green chlorine hair (IN A GOOD WAY! IN A GOOD WAY!) and captivated by the nakedness of your thighs. Normally, I don’t take celebrity photo’s. No, I am not against it like you might expect, I’m just lazy and I feel like there is a lot of other people who already do that. They get paid for it and I don’t, so why bother? This time I felt that I should take a picture though, since – let’s admit it – you have been enchanting this night.  As a result I grabbed my phone and shot this shitty photo of you:

Lena Dunham

Then I started reading your book. My thought timeline went from “Well, that’s a little obsessive, Lena”, “How do YOU know what I hope for when I rub my ass against my sort of boyfriend at night?” and “Shit, so we ARE actually the same person” to “AWWWW, YOU’RE CUTE!”. Well played, Lena Dunham, well played.

Then I started watching Girls. Period.

Then I started to become a little stalker and followed you around in like, every way possible. I figured out you had some great friends on which I am also celebcrushing. Another enormous win for you.

Then I started to research you like you (or is it just me?) would research the freaking good movie (Dirty Dancing) you just saw and find yourself on IMBd at 2AM, because you want to know everything about it (WHO is that actor in the role of Johnny Castle?). Unfortunately, there’s no such thing as “Lena Dunham, the biography”, so no “trivia”,”goofs”, or “crazy credits”. But, I had one thing left – the quotes -, because thank God there’s always Twitter.

I started to become a fanboy. And now…

I started to love you, Lena Dunham,


Michelle Helena

Sources: BuzzFeed / Opzij

Bye now!

Lena Dunham Eating Cake Naked

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