NYC Munchies: NY Muffins

You would expect muffins to be the top specialty here, right? Though NY Muffins serves a good deal of cupcakes, their name is kind of a lie! It should be the ‘Chai Latte Master of All’, since they manage to serve the best Chai Latte I had in my whole entire life. Don’t get blindsided though – the rest of the coffees on the menu are worth it as well.

When you see a place like this, you instantly know its good! The interior and exterior is not too flashy (which is pretty miraculous in Williamsburg), but the lines for a treat go outside the freaking building! That’s when you know no-one’s trying to cover up for any kind of food malfunctions with their minimalist, aluminum, rickety chairs on which nobody can take a decent seat.

SPOILER: Like I said, don’t let the NY Muffins name fool you. The menu contains so much good food, just looking at it will get you breathing heavily. Muffins and coffee aside, they serve scones, bagels, salads (w/ endless toppings), sandwiches, wraps, desserts and even a juice or a weirdly named smoothie for the fitfreaks in the building. Still a little hesitant to go visit? I bet the new addition (OMG OMG OMG) on their menu will push you over the edge:

NY Muffins - Macaroons

Want more info on NY Muffins?

Visit their Facebook or Menupages for more deets on NY Muffins or just be adventurous and head to BK (198 Bedford Avenue) straightaway.

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