9 x NYC Power Juices

Well, you’ve probably ended your Sunday morning workout by now, so it’s time to power up again. We’d like to offer you some suggestions for the best NYC power juices, in case you’ve ran (see what we did there?! RAN!) out of inspiration!

NYC Power Juices You HAVE to Try

What? The Mucho Matcha Why? Juice delivery! This joint is just perfect if you’re literally not able to move anything after your workout. If you still have a breath left you could also choose to order your juice online and pick it up.

  • Agavi // 72 East 7th Street, Manhattan

What? Bitchin’ Green. Why? Alright, alright, not technically a juice, but this protein shake has all the goods to recover your body from that sick work out you just had. It’s got the vitamin department covered with its kale and the hemp protein, flax seeds and vegan probiotics will really get you back on track. Oh, and the coconut milk is a really nice twist!

What? Green Charcoal. Why? Seems like a good question when someone recommends a drink with charcoal in it to you, doesn’t it? But, activated charcoal seems to be your very good friend when it comes to trapping toxins and chemicals in the body, so they can be flushed out and never, EVER, come back again. Yes, we think this is one of the best NYC power juices out there. So, top off that health streak you’re on with a little bit of a detox.

What? Fatigue Fighter. Why? Well, since you’re probably totally gassed out from working your ass off earlier. Nuff said.

What? Tropical Lust. Why? At first sight you wouldn’t expect a drink called Tropical Lust to be beneficial for your body. It sounds more like a cocktail that’s gonna get you horny. The apple, ginger, pineapple and watermelon will really refresh you though.

What? Vanilla Almond. Why? Healthy sugars and proteins are key right now. With it’s almonds, dates, sea salt and vanilla beans, the Vanilla Almond is gonna do just that for you.

What? Watermelon Apple Mint. Why? Not because of the overwhelming health benefits, we’re not gonna lie, but just because it’s finally back and because it’s SUMMER! Let’s celebrate with this delish summery drink full of watermelon, apple, mint and lemon. OMNOM!

  • Tiny Empire // 142 North 6th Street, Brooklyn or 234 Lafayette Street, Manhattan

What? The Blended Kale. Why? Really worth a try after your workout! Loads of protein and uplifting ingredients like cayenne and ginger, that will get you ready for the rest of the day.

What? The Go Kick. Why? The Go Kick will REALLY power you up again (because: kale, spinach, cucumber, celery, pear, ginger). If you want to warm up and / or spoil yourself a little, please please please try the Ginger Latte!


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