Secret City

The City has to offer a lot, you know that. But what if I say there is also a lot of awesomeness you didn’t know about? Don’t believe me? Just watch!

  • Whispering Gallery // What are all those people doing, standing with their noses towards the corner like they are 5 and being punished? I’ll tell you why: they are whispering words to the person in the corner diagonally across of them. Also want to whisper loveydovey words into a corner and find out yourself? Visit the Whispering Walls in Grand Central Terminal.

whispering gallery

  • The Berlin Wall // Wait, whuuuttt? Yes, ladies and gents. A real piece of Berlin Wall in the City. See for yourself at 520 Madison Avenue.

Berlin Wall in NY

  • Narrowest House of New York // We all know Paris and Amsterdam are famous for it’s small houses, but New York is a great 3rd. Right in Greenwich Village (the place of great architectural loveliness) you can admire this piece of mural eyecandy. 75 1/2 Bedford Street. Bonus: you are now footsteps away from the Friends Apartment (101 Bedford Street)

Narrowest House in NYC

  • Subway on the Sidewalk  // Lost you subway map? Stop crying! Just stroll your way down to SoHo and take a good look at the floor on 110 Green Street. Because there is a huge subway map incorporated in the sidewalk. Awesomeooo!

Subway Map Sidewalk

  • Secret Subway Exit // Let’s stay in the subway area, because there is more subway sexiness to discover. On 58 Joralemon Street in Brooklyn you’ll find what seems to the eye as a cute brownstone, but in fact this lovely house in hiding subway lines 4 and 5 behind it.

Secret Subway Exit

  • Times Square Birds View // Probably not a secret for you if you’re a lounge fan, but (for example) the R Lounge of the Renaissance Hotel has one of the most gorgeous top down views of the metropolitanness of the City.

Birds View Times Square

  • Roosevelt Island Aerial Tramway // Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No! It’s the high above the ground tramway to Roosevelt Island. Catch some beautiful views of Manhattan and the East River. Just one metro ticket away!

Roosevelt Island Aerial Tramway

  • Lovely Quotes @ Central Park Benches // Sob your heart out at Central Park. Take a closer look at the benches, because 1/3rd of them (and that’s a LOT) has metal plates with very endearing quotes on it.

Central Park Quote Benches




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