The Christmas Lights of New York

Well, we all know THE tree and it’s lights in front of Rockefeller Centre. But there’s more sparkly and cozy Christmasness around during the holidays in New York. Check out these pretty twinklies all around the city.

Favorite Fairy-tale-like Places

the pensinsula hotel

The Peninsula Hotel

christmas lights

The New York Palace Hotel

chelsea market

Chelsea Market

bryant park

Bryant Park

brooklyn lights

The East Village




battery park

Battery Park

snowy lights

Herald Square

radio city hall

Radio City Hall

times squareholiday lightsdowntown

Around Downtown

Dyker Heightsmailboxbrooklyn

Dyker Heights (and the rest of ole Brooklyn)

BUT! The biggest tip we can give you, is to just keep your eyes open. If you’re open to all the magic around you, we will ensure you….New York around Christmas time is the place to find it.

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