The Ultimate Gossip Girl Guide to New York (+Maps)

We all love a  little (or a whole lotta) dirt combined with high-end wardrobes and teen-drinking. So in honor to the most beloved drama series among late 80ies and 90ies girls, I now present to you the Ultimate Gossip Girl Guide to New York. I lay it all out for you (from dusk ’till dawn with fancy Google maps and all) so no more excuses to release your inner Blair Waldorf.

Gossip Girl Guide Day #1: The Sights

Grand Central Terminal // Start off your day at the big clock inside of Grand Central like a deer looking into headlights (so did Serena at the start of the series, so you should start your series this way as well). Go look around a little (don’t forget to look up; the ceiling is wondrous!) and try not to bump into anyone. Then quickly go transfer a secret message via the corners of the Whispering Gallery, only so you can rush yourself to the Dining Concourse. The Dining Concourse basically is a huge “ballroom” with countless food stands perfect for fixing a severe case of the munchies. Right now, the Dining Concourse is a necessity, because you will need lots of energy to complete this Gossip Girl Guide in time. You should get your fuel in the form of a Heartbreaker Espresso @ Café Grumpy and for some extra sugar on the go you visit the Magnolia Bakery shop.

Gossip Girl Guide

Columbia University // While you’re at Grand Central Terminal, you’d better take advantage of the sitch by grabbing a metro to Columbia University. Because that’s where Nate “went”. You know. Just take the shuttle to Times Square and from there you ride train 1 untill it says Columbia University. Go photograph the shit out of that sight. By the time you’re done with it, it will be lunch time,  so you must be hungry and go to Deluxe (2896 Broadway) for some nice, classic American food.

Gossip Girl Guide - Columbia University

Central Park // Now it’s time to take that after lunch stroll and what better place to go than Central Park.  While you burn off those dirty calories, you’ll be enjoyed by Gossip Girl sights like Bethesda Fountain & Terrace, Central Park Boathouse & Wollman Rink. You’d be foolish to rush through Central Park just to get to those GG spots only. Make sure you take some time and check out these other awesome spots in Central Park.

The Campbell Apartment // Once you’re bored to shit with strolling Central Park, I think it’s dinner time. Head back to Grand Central asap (no travel instructions here, since every friggin’ metro will lead you to Grand Central), because that’s where the Campbell Apartment is. Don’t expect a lot of variety foodwise, but who needs more than pizza, sliders or quesedilla’s alongside their fabulous cocktail (because that’s what the place really IS famous for)? About that fabulous cocktail, two words: MANGO MULE! Videos speak louder than words (and because I’m a shy prude when it comes to talking hot, steamy sex), so you should take a look at the video below to find out what Gossip Girl scene took place there.

Marquee // Take line 7 to 34th Street – Hudson Yards and walk your way to Marquee to top off your night with a (or a few, or a lot) delicious cocktail(s) at the place that’s famous for Blair Waldorf sleepovers.

Lotte New York Palace // Once your eyelids are slowly quitting on you, you might consider heading to your sleeping destination for the night. Take line E to the 5th Ave / 53rd Street stop, and gently rest your head at the pillows of Lotte New York Palace. I bet your dreams involve a lot of Van Der Woodsen, since the New York Palace is featured as their residence in Gossip Girl.

Gossip Girl Guide Day #2: Museums

Sarabeth’s // Day 2 of this Gossip Girl Guide is gonna be a tough day, so you’d better start off with a decent breaky and coffee. For that, you just hop on the 6 just two blocks away from The Palace and hop off at 96th Street. Sarabeth’s offers some great breakfast options. If you’re in search of superfood power breakfast, try the Berry Bowl. If you’re hungover, do not hesitate and get the Farmer’s Omelette. If you’re a sweet tooth, consider the Pumpkin Waffle. Honestly, I could wolf everything on the whole damn menu, just by the look of it, so any other dish will do the trick as well to be fair. So you know what to do. Head your way to Madison Avenue 1295, and treat yourself.

Museum of the City of New York // I know right now you feel utmost fat and tired, but time is running out my dear! Despite the fact you’ll feel the need to couchpotatoe the day away, you’d better walk off that breakfast (via 5th Avenue) on your way to the Museum of the City of New York, which is used in Gossip Girl as Constance Billard School for girls and St. Jude School for boys. Please don’t be superficial, and take your time to explore the Museum of the City of NY from the inside as well. Right now Roz Chast’s awesome cartoons are on display.

Gossip Girl Guide - Constance & St Jude

E.A.T. // Walk down the Museum Mile a little (COME ON, don’t be lazy, it’s museum day!) and stop at #1064 (Madison Ave, that is) for Eli Zabar’s perfect eatery. Take the iconic Tower of Bagel. Period.

Metropolitan Museum of Art // Take that Bagel Tower outside and finish it on the steps of the MET, just one block away, like all the GG’s did during their lunch break. Once you finish your lunch (you beast), you go inside the Metropolitan Museum of Art, and have a blast.

Gossip Girl Guide - Metropolitan Museum of Art Steps

Waverly Inn // Time to leave that beloved Upper East Side and head to the Village for some good food. Let’s rely on the recommendations from our good friend Blair for this one and go to Waverly Inn @ 16th Bank Street. At 86th Street, you take subway line 4 or 5 to Union Square. Transfer to the L train and get out at 8th Avenue. If you wanna know what you’re up for, check out their menu at OpenTable, and be amazed.

1OAK // I bet you’re up for a drink now. Go nuts at 1OAK and leave the place as soon as it comes to paying for your drinks, just like Serena did. Make sure to hold on to your cellphone though.

The Plaza // Plunder your bank account and spend the night at the Plaza. You’re drunk and a millionaire by now, so don’t worry about metro schedules and just hail a cab already. In the morning, make sure you take some cheeky pictures with your BFF. B & S did!

Gossip Girl Guide Day #3: Shopping

It’s time to reward yourself for all the hard work you’ve done. So this day is all about treating yourself Gossip Girl style. CLOTHES & FOOD, BABY!

The Modern // This morning is a heavy one, so I’ll be gentle. Sleep in a little, skip breakfast and go straight to lunch at the Modern. To visit this Gossip Girl hotspot, you just walk a few blocks down on 6th. Lure your company in to getting back together with you, by ordering them a Pistachio Mascarpone Mousse Cake. Worked for Nate.

Dylan’s Candy Bar // Walk 20 minutes to your next stop on 1011 3rd Avenue. This place should be on every goddamn New York travel list out there, not just the Gossip Girl one. HELLO WORLD’S LARGEST CANDY SHOP! P.S.: Dan and Vanessa bought Nate’s anniversary gift here.

Gossip Girl Guide - Dylans Candy Bar

Henri Bendel // Stroll down 3rd Ave, turn right at 56th Street and keep walking until there’s Henri Bendel. Always keep walking until there’s Henri Bendel. Furthermore, I’ll KISS: Shop like the Gossip Girls!

Barrio Chino // Take the F train at 57th, get out at Delancey Street and visit this one for a late lunch. Tacos y tortas. Olé! Gossip Girl fun fact: Serena has some nice flashbacks here, which include stumbling out of a bar drunk on Thanksgiving and bumping into Dan.

Erin McKenna’s Bakery // Literally a one minute walk away are MORE SWEETS! Pick up a few of the delicious (and seemingly healthy) pastries over here! All gluten-, dairy-, sugar-, everythingfree. Don’t drop your cakes on the street, while you stop Serena from getting run over by a car. That would be such a Dan thing to do!

Gossip Girl Guide - Erin McKenna's

Humphrey Loft // Speaking of Dan: if you’re up for it, now is the time to visit the Humphreys residence, since this is the closest you’ll get to Brooklyn during this whole tour.  Pick up the F train where you left it and stop your journey at York Street, to see the pretty sight for yourself at 455 Water Street. If you’re too tired and hate me for this stupid suggestion, just keep shopping around a little in SoHo, ’till it’s dinner time.

Veselka // The last supper. Spend this precious dinner time at Veselka, Dan and Vanessa’s favorite Ukrainian spot in the City. Assuming you ARE too tired for visiting the Humphrey Loft, just get back on that F, and exit at the 2nd Avenue stop.

The Empire Hotel // One last complicated trainride away from your final destination. Take the L train @ 3rd Avenue to 8th Avenue and transfer to the C train on 14th Street. Travel to Columbus Circle, walk 4 more minutes and: CONGRATULATIONS! You made it through this ridiculous Gossip Girl Guide. Now be satisfied and go have sweet dreams about all your fantastic adventures and about the viciously hot owner of this hotel: Chuck Bass.

For the complete Gossip Girl Guide with all the filming locations, turn here:

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