Urban Picks November 2016

Yes dear readers, it’s THAT time of the month again. Here are your November favorites!

Urban Picks November
1. Urban Picks Exhibition: Marilyn Monroe

The queen of everything would have turned 90 this year. That’s why De Nieuwe Kerk in Amsterdam hosts this beautiful exhibition of Marilyn Monroe, with an impressive collection of her personal possessions and belongings. Even if you’re not a big fan (huh?) a visit is worth a try.

2. Urban Picks Festival: IDFA

Movie lovers attention please! November is the month that Amsterdam is all about IDFA, the International Documentary Filmfestival Amsterdam. The prettiest, most shocking and impressive films are being displayed at numerous locations around town. Go to www.idfa.nl for more information.

3. Urban Picks Book: Pocket Bowie Wisdom

In honor to the late David Bowie, Urban Outfitters has the coolest item in stock: a book full of Bowie life lessons that fits in your pocket. So if you’re ever short on motherly advice, mister Bowie is at hand.

4. Urban Picks Movie: Moana

Have you heard about this cute new Disney movie called Moana? It’s about to be the next best thing coming from Disney hands. Not for children’s eyes only: Moana seems to be pretty inspiring for the feminists among us as well (hello, woman with navigational skills). Note: You may have to be a little patient, since the release date might be moved back to December. Curious? Take a look at the teaser below. Beware of superpretty music <3

5. Urban Picks Wanna-have: Furry iPhone Case

If you say November, I say cold. The answer to cold (if it were a question) is furry things. So, say hello to this pink cutie-pie.

6. Urban Picks Drinking: Wijnfestival de Hallen

What better way to salute Friday night than with a booming wine festival at a gorgeous location? If you agree then you should hesitate no more and just go get there and start drinking wine already. Fun fact: This festival is being hosted by Grape District, which is one of Amsterdam’s most easygoing but legit wine store. They now celebrate their tenth birthday, hence this delicious party.

7. Urban Picks Netflix & Chill: Justin Timberlake + The Tennessee Kids

Thought Netflix was all about binge-watching House of Cards and checking out the occasional documentary? Wrong! American sweetheart Justin Timberlake is now online with a ridiculously awesome (and cute, and cute) concert. Defo a November must-see if you ask me!




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