Urban Picks October 2016

Hold tight, because here comes the list you’ve all been waiting for. Urban Seahorse provides you with all the online, real-life, arty, tasteful and (OK) corny things you really can NOT miss this month.


Urban Picks October 2016


1. Urban Food: Sweet Potato Fries

Alright, this one might not be so special, but it’s the feeling that counts, right? That being said, we felt very, very pleased to encounter Aviko’s Sweet Potato Fries in the freezer isle of our urban supermarket. Why? Well, this delightful product now allows us to make the perfect sweet potato fries in the blink of an eye. OK, there might not be a lot of heart in these fries, but sometimes it’s just perfectly fine to take advantage of the benefits of life. Besides, making sweet potato fries without any level of unwanted moist does not differ much from living in hell.

2. Netflix and Chill: Amanda Knox

We are very much the enthusiast for Netflix’s documentaries. And boy, is there a new kid in town. Remember that story about American exchange student Amanda Knox who was accused of murdering and abusing her roommate Meredith during her adventure abroad in Italy? Well, Netflix made it into a documentary and the trailers are promising as f. Make sure you watch both trailers, since the second one is extra haunting … On Netflix as of September 30th.



3. New in Town: Café Amoi

Amsterdam West is getting a new hot spot. Friday night this gorgeous place called Café Amoi is opening its doors. Grab some delicious Indonesian food at 5PM and start drinking and dancing the night away from 9PM. Big bonus: the G&Ts on the menu look like the best we’ve ever seen. The other cocktails seem very promising as well (come onnnn: Bobby’s + Pink Rose Lemonade? We’re sold). Our Friday plans are sealed.

4. Urban Book: The Life-Changing Magic of Not Giving a Fuck by Sarah Knight

Much needed in the more metropolitan areas of the world. Really, that’s about it.

5. Urban Movie: The Infiltrator

You’re probably still mourning the end of Narcos, so this movie is on your to-do-list. The Infiltrator is based on the life of Robert Mazur, a customs special agent who helped Pablo Escobar losing a lot of money. Little bit of a downer is the absence of El Patron himself, but the main character is played by Walter White, so we don’t give a shit.

Watch The Infiltrator in one of New York’s best movie theaters.

6. Last Chance: Surface by Søren Solkaer @ Vroom & Varossieau

Only about 9 days left for you to go see the imposing work of Søren Solkaer at gallery Vroom & Varossieau in Amsterdam. Finally watch the faces behind world’s greatest street art pieces in a very beautiful way. Søren, you go girl!


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