8 Cities Not to Miss During Your West Coast Road Trip

As a European it’s one of my lifelong goals (also knows as bucket list item) to travel the coasts of the States. Not only am I expecting the culture shock I’ve been dying to encounter, I also am very much excited for the shitload of sunshine my face is going to catch. That’s basically all the reasons why I’m taking you with me on my daydream called West Coast Road Trip. Daydream, yes, since this trip is going to take place in a very, very distant future. The cash stream is not working with me right now. Nevertheless I am now telling you which cities I am definitely going to visit during this adventure and why you should do so too.

8 Cities for the Bucket-List of our West Coast Road Trip (in North-to-South Order)
1. Seattle

When in Washington, of course you need to visit its biggest city. Make sure not to skip a visit to the harbor in this hometown of grunge music, since it’s one of the biggest ass harbors in the whole wide world.

West Coast Road Trip - Seattle
2. Portland

This little baby is on the rise. Portland might not be the first (ok, second, you got me) stop that comes to mind when planning a West Coast road trip, but chances are you’re gonna have a pretty good time during your stay there. Portland is known for its beautiful parks, so I suggest you go and lay your ass down in all of them. Best ones: Tom McGall Waterfront Park, Washington Park and Forest Park.

3. Sacramento

Did you guys know Sacramento is actually the Capital of Cali and not the more likely L.A. or San Fran? Probably you did, I just wanted some confirmation on the now very doubtful fact that I am not stupid. Soz. Anyway, while you’re there, go take a look at Old Sacramento; the part of town that everyone is talking about.

4. San Francisco

This town of hippie- and happiness is very appealing to people like me (Europeans so to speak), since liberality of this town comes closest to European standards as it gets in the US of A. I am also looking forward to have a nice party since I very much believe San Franciscans know how to throw one. I’m also planning to rent a car (or maybe use the car I already rented for my West Coast road trip) and cruise across Golden Gate Bridge.

West Coast Road Trip - San Francisco
5. Las Vegas

Why I want to visit Las Vegas? None other than to party the shit out of it and end up with a partly tattooed head. Ok, that’s not exactly true, but I surely want to go to Vegas to Hangover it up.

West Coast Road Trip - Las Vegas
6. Los Angeles

Of course you’re gonna visit the World’s biggest film studio in human history and stroll around Hollywood for a little while. Then, get yourself together for some serious tanning down at (yes, man) Venice Beach.

West Coast Road Trip - Hollywood
7. San Diego

San Diego has a special place in my heart (I guess). The reason behind it is a little embarrassing and stupid, but I’m gonna tell you anyway (in order to, let’s say, establish some kind of likeability). When I was a teenager I became a big fan of The Real World and I still follow all the seasons as they come, which is very rare for a European girl (in other words: none of my friends have ever heard of the show and think I am a twat for watching it once I explain the concept). The first season I watched was set in San Diego and immediately I fell in love with the city (and Brad). You might want to have other motives to visit SD, like exploring hipster hotspot Gaslamp Quarter or San Diego Zoo, but frankly I don’t.

9. Albuquerque

You cannot leave the States without getting a little bit of your Breaking Bad on. So Albuquerque, hometown to the devious but genius Walter White, is a pit stop worth considering. Albuquerque (and its surroundings) is perfect for taking in some of the beautiful but haunting ambiance that once was the setting for the fictitious drug empire of Heisenberg. Don’t go searching for the pizza roof though, IT’S NOT REAL.

Albuquerque’s top attractions: Sandia Peek (the longest funicular of the United States) & International Balloon Fiesta (hundreds of hot air balloons being released at once is just nothing but magical). Bonus tip: Take the tram (yes, I’m for real) to Mexico for a REAL taco.

Urban Seahorse - West Coast Road Trip


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